The Snowball Keeps Rolling – April 2019 Dividend Growth of 92% YoY $$$

63C38821-0343-4305-A892-C5A2455C4134We’ve closed the first quarter of 2019. I’ve managed to update my blog the last weeks so I’m happy to write about the income numbers for April. The first quarter was very encouraging as growth rates went through the roof. I’m very curious for my progress in dividend numbers YoY and QoQ in April. The first month of each quarter has always been a strong month for me in terms of absolute numbers, but also percentage-wise. I’m very excited about several new positions so let’s find out whether these new stakes contributed to my dividend income in April.

The Numbers

My dividend income for 2019/04 was $258.53. In this month I got several raises as compared to the dividend payment three months ago. This month included another small dividend increase from Realty Income (O). April included my first dividend income from my new position in JP Morgan (JPM), $4.80 to be exactly. Also Leggett & Platt (LEG) contributed a very welcome $7.98. I bought “alotta” shares of Altria (MO) and Philip Morris (PM) during the end of 2018 which resulted in a dividend of $69.60 and $30.78 respectively. This sums up to:

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) – $29.07

Illinois Tool Works (ITW) – $6.00

JP Morgan (JPM) – $4.80

Kimco Realty (KIM) – $70.00

Leggett & Platt (LEG) – $7.98

Altria (MO) – $69.60

Realty Income (O) – $3.84

Philip Morris (PM) – $30.78

Ventas (VTR) – $36.46

This makes the total amount of dividend income for this month a nice $258.53. My dividend income for January 2019 was $216.63 so that’s an increase of a nice 19% QoQ. My passive income for the month of April in 2018 was $134.50 so that’s an increase of 92% YoY. That’s quite a growth rate! Here is the graph YTD:


Transactions during April

I bought 12 stocks of Abbvie (ABBV) for a price of $78.94. I like this stock for a market price below $80. Including this transaction I now own 29 stocks for an average price of $83.37. My first stocks were bought at a price around $92. That’s a nice 10% decrease by averaging down. I also bought my first 4 stocks of 3M (MMM) for a price of $192.14 after the big drop in price following its earnings report. At this price I still bought it at a P/E of 20 which is on the high side. Hopefully the price keeps swinging up and down the coming months so I can add to this position at an even more attractive valuation number.

Looking Forward

Another month above the $200 is in the books. I love this new normal. The focus on diversification seems to pay off. I’m less dependent of a small number of companies, especially REIT’s and the average dividend growth rate is increasing step by step.

CVS Caremark (CVS) was up 5% after their earnings report this week. The company is doing fine and the integration of Aetna seems to go smoothly. I increased my position in this company like many other members of the dividend investing community. Keeping a long-term focus is so important.

My stake in the tobacco industry has risen nicely with my buys in December and January. The FDA recently authorized the sale of the IQOS heated tobacco system in the U.S. market so that’s very beneficial for Altria (MO).

Please let me know which stocks you bought and whether April was a good month in terms of dividend income numbers. Thanks for reading.

Happy investing!