A Hot 66% Increase In Dividend for July 2019

For me, the first month of every quarter is a month with strong growth rates YoY. I’m very curious how things evolved in July. Let’s find out.

The Numbers

My dividend income for July was $275.02. In this month I got two raises as compared to the dividend payment three months ago. This month included the usual small dividend increase from Realty Income (O), but also the 5.3% raise from Leggett & Platt (LEG). July was also the first month in which I got a payment from the REIT Iron Mountain (IRM), $11.00 to be exactly. Also Walt Disney (DIS) contributed a semiannual, but welcome $4.40. This sums up to:

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) – $29.73

Walt Disney (DIS) – $4.40

Iron Mountain (IRM) – $11.00

Illinois Tool Works (ITW) – $6.00

JP Morgan (JPM) – $4.80

Kimco Realty (KIM) – $70.00

Leggett & Platt (LEG) – $8.40

Altria (MO) – $69.60

Realty Income (O) – $3.85

Philip Morris (PM) – $30.78

Ventas (VTR) – $36.46

This makes the total amount of dividend income for this month a nice $275.02. My dividend income for April 2019 was $258.53 so that’s an increase of a very small 6% QoQ. My passive income for the month of July in 2018 was $165.45 so that’s an increase of 66% YoY. That’s quite a growth rate! Here is the graph YTD:



Transactions during July

This month I bought 27 stocks of Wells Fargo (WFC) for a price of $48.45. I owned this stock before, but sold it because of the low prospects of shareholder returns after the infamous scandal. But after the last stress test of the Fed, things have changed as we can lock in a 4.25% dividend yield right now and a buy back up to $23.1B of stock. I would love to double this position if the price drops to the $42-43 range.

Looking Forward

We’re on our way to crush the number of $300. I would love to start 2020 with $300 as a new baseline. Stock prices are climbing again after the recent drop in August. My total dividend income YTD is $1,607.22, already close to the number of FY 2018 $1,793.09.

Please let me know which stocks you bought and whether July was a good month in terms of dividend income numbers. Thanks for reading.

Happy investing!