$$$ BOOM! A 87% YoY Growth in Dividend Income for 2019/02 $$$

After the big bang of a 186% increase YoY in January, I’ll follow up with writing about my dividend income in February. Throughout 2018 my dividend income grew with almost 120%. To come near such an increase rate in 2019 I have to score big numbers of growth. But in the last quarter of 2018 I bought several companies with a lower dividend yield, but a higher dividend growth rate. Ultimately, this will pay off. Without further ado, the numbers for the month of January.

Income numbers

The total amount of dividend income in the month of February was $270.71. This is my second monthly dividend income above the $200 threshold after, obviously, January. I like to see my income passing all kind of psychological numbers like $100, $200, $250, etc. It’s very encouraging, because, as I wrote in an earlier post, these numbers look past the horizon when you just start with dividend growth investing.

Two companies paid me more than last quarter as as consequence of a raise. Good ol’ Realty Income (O) with an increase of $0.005. And Abbvie (ABBV) paid shareholders a dividend which increased from $0.96 to $1.07 per share. This represents a 11.46% increase.

The businesses paying me more than a quarter ago because of a bigger position were CVS Caremark (CVS) which paid $6.00 (instead of $2.00), Tanger Factory Outlets (SKT) paid $51.10 (as opposed to $38.85) and AT&T paid $85.68 (instead of $69.50). Texas Instruments (TXN) contributed their initial dividend of $6.93 to my dividend income:

Apple (AAPL) – $16.06

Abbvie (ABBV) – $18.19

CVS Caremark (CVS) – $6.00

Realty Income (O) – $3.83

Omega Healthcare (OHI) – $66.00

Starbucks (SBUX) – $16.92

Tanger Factory Outlets (SKT) – $51.10

AT&T (T) – $85.68

Texas Instruments (TXN) – $6.93

This makes the total amount of dividend income for this month a nice $270.71. My dividend income for the month of November 2018 was $230.73 so that’s an increase of 17% QoQ. Always nice to see a double-digit growth number here, although I’m more interested in the YoY growth. My passive income for February 2018 was $144.88 so that’s an increase of 87% YoY. This means a very high double-digit growth number, I love it! Here is the graph that shows all monthly dividends YTD as compared to last year:


Buys In February

During February I added 12 stocks to my small position in CVS Caremark (CVS) for a price of $57.83 lowering my average buy price and yield on cost. I always like that as it will increase my total return as I plan to never sell these positions.

The stock market regained new heights after the market correction in December. The stock price of CVS Caremark (CVS) is stil under pressure because of uncertainties regarding their acquisition of Aetna.

In summary, February was another good month with high dividend growth numbers YoY and a small addition to my CVS Caremark (CVS) position at a very attractive price. My total dividend income for the fist two months of 2019 equals to $487.34.

I’ll post my progress for the month of March this weekend.

Happy investing!

4 thoughts on “$$$ BOOM! A 87% YoY Growth in Dividend Income for 2019/02 $$$

    • Hi Doug. Thanks for stopping by. I’m very glad with my YoY progress. Sometimes I’m impatient and want my growth in dividend income to grow faster. But you’re right: focus on the process and things will turn out just fine.


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