Ray Dalio – Principles: Life & Work


A few months ago I listened to the episode of the Masters in Business podcast in which Barry Ritholtz interviewed the legendary investor Ray Dalio. During this interview the founder of the successful hedge fund Bridgewater Associates told about his successes, mistakes and how he came about his principles for personal and professional life. I highly recommend this interview. Dalio describes these principles as timeless and absolute truths which are essential to achieve success, whatever the definition of success may be. I was intrigued by his philosophy of radical truthfulness and radical transparency. This really resonated with me and eventually got me starting this blog two months ago.

I haven’t read his highly acclaimed book Principles: Life & Work yet. But it sure is high on my list. While browsing the internet for reviews of this book and searching for interviews with Ray Dalio on youtube I came across the video below. It’s a nice introduction to the foundation of Dalio’s book. I can highly recommend it. It’s very enjoyable. How many times do you get the chance of a billionaire explaining you what to do to achieve success?



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