Dividend Income May 2018 Increased 869% YoY

Well, here we are folks. This is the very first publication of my monthly dividend income. From now on I’ll be posting this information on a monthly basis to track my progress in reaching financial independence. Sharing this information publicly will motivate me even more to buy (new) dividend growth stocks and add them to my basket. I’ll be comparing my dividend income with the amount three months ago and the same month last year. Let’s roll!

The total amount of dividend income in the month of May was $153.68. In this month I got two raises for doing absolutely nothing more than in the month of February. Well, except for continuing to buy quality companies which have a nice streak of dividend increases. Apple increased their dividend with 16% and Tanger Factory Outlets paid me 2.2% more than last quarter. Tanger Factory Outlets became an official Dividend Aristocrat this month by paying a higher dividend than last year. That’s always nice for the statistics. Besides, in February I didn’t possess any stocks of Realty Income in contrary to the month of May. The dividend income was divided by:

Apple (AAP) – $16.06

CVS Caremark (CVS) – $2.00

Realty Income (O) – $3.72

Omega Healthcare (OHI) – $66.00

Tanger Factory Outlets (SKT) – $22.40

AT&T (T) – $43.50

This totals to an amount of $153.68. My dividend income in the month of February was $144.88 so that’s a very welcome increase of 6.1%.

My passive income in the month of May last year was $15.86 so that’s an increase of 869%. Say WHUT? Yes, a 869% increase! The difference comes from loading up the truck with various REIT stocks which have traded at very low valuations last year. This lead to very high dividend yields. REIT stocks have climbed out of the valley lows last weeks. If prices continue to increase; I’m good with that. In case of another price decline I may add to my position of Realty Income and Tanger Factory Outlets. So, according to me, there isn’t really a bad case scenario. During the month of May I also benefited from my nice position in AT&T which I’ve been building up quite conscientiously the last twelve months. The share price of this beaten down stock still looks very appealing.

This leads to the next graph:


I already collected $636.10 this year whereas my total dividend income in 2017 was $827.81. We’re still in the first half year of 2018 so this looks very promising. As you can see I’m moving forward, every year, every month, and with every addition to my stock portfolio. That’s a good feeling. And, we’re already off for the month of June.

I’m very curious how you did this month. Please share your progress and insights.

15 thoughts on “Dividend Income May 2018 Increased 869% YoY

  1. Short but sweet, serious increase YoY mate. We share a few great names like T, OHI, AAPL and O. Wish I had as much Apple shares as you though! Congratulations on your first monthly income update post!



  2. Thanks for your reply. Every now and then the stock market thinks Apple’s best days are over because of declining margins or they sold less iPhones than last month/year or whatever. Two years ago was such a moment. I’m glad I bought a nice bunch of stocks back then. Still, in hindsight, I should have bought more.

    It’s really cool to post these articles when a couple of years ago I read such posts written by other people. We’re into this and we’re here to stay 😁.

    Thanks again. You just crossed the $100 line, congratz! 👍


  3. Congrats on your first ever monthly income post. This is such an important step in the process as it helps you tracker your progress, hold yourself accountable, and most importantly, motivate you to keep on improving your dividend income! It is my favorite post to put together each month. You had a great income level this month, especially for an “off” month. Keep up the great work!


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    • Hi Bert, thanks for your comment. It’s spot on! In this short period of time I’ve already noticed the benefits of writing a blog about investing. It clears your thinking and urges you to be honest. And, it’s very cool to communicate with the global DGI community.

      Thanks again for your reply and let’s make the month of June another solid month in our journey to financial independence.


  4. Congrats on the inaugural dividend income post, Glenn! It will be the first of many, many more, I’m sure.
    Looking over that dividend income chart I bet it won’t be long before you have to change the scale on the Y axis to have bigger numbers. What an awesome problem to have!
    You had a stellar YoY increase this month. 869%…Say WHUT! Every month this year you’ve shown outstanding YoY income growth. That’s the way to do it. Keep up those purchases and soon enough the internal portfolio growth will dominate.
    I share O, OHI and CVS as dividend payers for May.

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    • Hi Engineering Dividends. Thanks for you reply. Yes, I’m truly eager to let my portfolio grow. I think we’re all as focused as we can be. And the nice part is everyone in the DGI community is supporting each other. How cool!

      The increase YoY was indeed extraordinary. Next month won’t show an increase, because I sold my shares in IBM and WFC a couple of months ago. They’re paying out their dividends in the month of June. But sometimes you have to do one step back to move forward. I didn’t feel comfortable any longer owning these stocks. Maybe I’ll write an article about that decision.

      Nice to see we’re into the same stocks. 👍 I think I’ll add CVS to my shopping list again.


    • Hi MrDoublingDollars, thanks for your comment. Things got a bit rough with OHI’s tenants. As you mentioned, the stock price increased significantly in a short period of time. I think the market was content with the latest earnings report, but I also think they’re benefiting from the broader market upswing.

      You ask a good question about my position in T. Right now it’s my biggest position. I’m about 13% in red. I’m not particularly for or against the merger with TWX. Their business model will undoubtedly improve, but the debt load is going to be quite heavy.

      For me it’s a hold at the moment. There are other stocks with an equal yield that are safer right now. Think of O and VTR. Whether I would advice anyone to initiate a position. Step in with small amounts and buy more after good earnings reports or positive news. I believe T will survive eventually whether with or without TWX.

      Good luck with investing!


  5. Congrats on a great month and your first income report! I’m new to the DGI community (both with my new portfolio and also blogging) and find that everyone has been so helpful and welcoming, and truly supports one another in their quest to grow those dividends.

    I currently share two May payers with you (AAPL and T) and am looking to add a few more with the REITs once my IRA transfers over. Keep up the great work!


    • Dividendsandhobbies, thanks for your comment. I’m very excited about the direction this is going. I think 2018 will be a remarkable year. I’ll check out your website and portfolio soon. Good luck with investing!


  6. Thanks for your comment. What a coincidence! I really like to add to my smaller positions like CVS and O, especially O. I’ll check your website for your positions. You know, maybe we’re twin brothers… 🤣

    Good luck with investing!


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